Over the summer months, we're offering guided tours to help you discover our villages in a different way.
Join Myrtille as she takes you back in time to the Treignac of 200 years ago. Follow her to Uzerche and enter the world of street art. Take a trip back in time to the medieval town of Uzerche and its modern history at the paper mill. 
Finish the tour with a lantern-lit digestive tour at dusk, led by Corinne to discover a Uzerche of another time, through beliefs from the Middle Ages to the present day.


Street art and graffiti

Visit the graffiti factory - Uzerche - Corrèze
Benoit Charles

La Graffeterie, an unexpected place in a medieval town. Following in the footsteps of prehistoric man at Lascaux, it's now the turn of graffiti artists to adorn the walls of Uzerche's old paper mill. The Vézère has always been a source of inspiration!
Escape into this colourful world of tagging, graffiti and truly monumental works. If you're so inclined, you can try your hand at this urban art in the countryside, armed with spray cans and pavement chalk for the kids!


See you in 2024!


200 years ago

L Léonard

Welcome to Treignac in 1823. Your guide, Myrtille, the "clampe" of the Monédières, straight out of the 19th century, will tell you all about the latest news and gossip from Treignac. It's a great way to discover this little town of character, through its sometimes little-known passageways and alleyways.

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The old town under the lanterns

L Léonard

Armed with lanterns, stroll through the streets of Uzerche accompanied by Corinne and discover the old town in a different way, through the beliefs of the Middle Ages to the present day. From the legend of the coat of arms to the story of the walnut branches hanging from the doors of the houses, Uzerche will have no more secrets for you!


See you in 2024!

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Street art and graffiti in Uzerche


Visit Treignac with Myrtille


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