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Christmas markets in Terres de Corrèze

Dans une ambiance chaleureuse, venez vous réchauffer autour d’une boisson chaude. Trouvez des idées cadeaux ou déco pour vos tables de fêtes, sur les différents stands des artisans et producteurs. Profitez des animations sur place.Qui sait, le Père Noël 🎅 viendra peut-être faire une apparition pour le plus grand bonheur des tout petits ! A…


Corrèze in the running for "My favourite GR®"!

What will be France's favourite hiking trail in 2024? For season 7 of the national "Mon GR® préféré" competition organised by the Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre, the "GR® 440 Grand Tour de la Montagne Limousine" long-distance hiking trail is in the running to represent Corrèze! The...


The magical world of Relais des Sorciers

Located in Espartignac in the Corrèze, the Relais des Sorciers is a self-catering holiday accommodation entirely dedicated to the world of magic. With Halloween just around the corner, Jonathan and Lætitia, the owners, are opening their doors to us for a moment out of time. Without further ado, let's enter the world of the famous wizard in...


New cultural season at the Sophie Dessus Auditorium

Located in the heart of the Papeterie eco-neighbourhood in Uzerche, the Sophie-Dessus Auditorium is a live performance venue with 330 seats and exceptional acoustics. With its eclectic programme, the Auditorium aims to arouse the curiosity of the general public and young audiences alike. The 2023/2024 season has been designed with this in mind....


Les Terres de Corrèze : Land of apples

In Corrèze, the Limousin PDO golden apple is one of the staples of Corrèze gastronomy, but did you know that there are other varieties of apple that are less well known but just as tasty? We'd like to introduce you to two of them: the Coquette de Meilhards and the Redmoon. The Coquette de Meilhards The Coquette de Meilhards, also known as the...


Sport and heritage in Terres de Corrèze

What a pleasure it is to discover the Terres de Corrèze through a sporting activity. I've selected a number of activities to help you combine sport and heritage discovery.


National Model Railway Show in Bugeat

Following the success of its two previous events in 2017 and 2019, Haute-Corrèze Évènements is organising its 3rd show dedicated to model railways. It will be held on 09 and 10 September 2023 in Bugeat at the Espace 1000 Sources. It will showcase the masterpieces of the greatest enthusiasts of "little trains" from all over the...


Under the shepherds' stars

Admire the celestial vault! This moment of symbiosis with the night sky is becoming increasingly difficult to experience because of the omnipresent light pollution in urban areas. Observing the night sky has therefore become a luxury, but one that is still accessible to all, provided you're in the right location...


Street art and graffiti in Uzerche

On those hot summer days, the desire to be cool sometimes prevents us from enjoying the sights that surround us. What could be better than a sheltered, shady spot where art and modernity meet? That's how I came up with the idea of visiting Street Art in Uzerche....


Terra Aventura: a new course in Corrèze!

Tèrra Aventura is a great game that combines walking with discovering the heritage treasures of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. It's the Poïz', little characters with a strong character, who guide you along the paths. These little imaginary beings symbolise the theme of the walk: Zéfaim for gastronomy, Zéroik for medieval times, Zarthus for nature, etc.


Top 6 natural sites not to be missed in Terres de Corrèze

A veritable open-air playground, the Terres de Corrèze is full of nuggets to explore - waterfalls, lakes, breathtaking panoramas...! Here are our top 6 natural sites for all your Corrèze adventures! 1 - Puy de La Monédière At an altitude of 919m, Le Puy de la Monédière is the highest point in the...


Visit Treignac with Myrtille

Today we're discovering the village of Treignac, a Petite Cité de Caractère® nestling at the foot of the Monédières mountains, but this isn't just a guided tour, far from it. We're going back 200 years, to 1822, to discover the Treignac of yesteryear. On the day of the visit, armed with our tickets...


Terra Aventura, the incredible treasure hunt

Agnès, a Terra Aventura fan, shares her passion for the famous geocaching application. Join her in discovering the treasures along the "plateau des 1000 bornes": the only road trip in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region! TERRA AVENTURA allows you to discover a rich and surprising heritage, through...


Visit to the Pompadour National Stud Mare Farm

For the school holidays, my 5-year-old niece, Luce, is at home for two days. We need to find something to keep her occupied! But why not visit the Domaine de Chignac? This is where the foals of the Haras National de Pompadour are born and raised. On the way to meet the foals...


Meet equestrian artists Christophe and Max Hasta Luego

Hasta Luego are back in Pompadour to put on a show for the summer season! Meet Christophe and his son Max. Hasta Luego is first and foremost a family affair! Christophe's father trained horses for the Bouglione circus in Paris. After that, Christophe and his brother continued the tradition...


On the roads to Santiago de Compostela

Did you know? The Pilgrim's Way to Santiago de Compostela runs through the Corrèze, and Fabien spent 58 days walking the roads that took him to Compostela on 25 July, the day of Santiago de Compostela. We wanted to share his account of this unforgettable experience with you. In Fabien's footsteps Fabien's spiritual journey led him to...


Jockey for a day at Pompadour

Galloping around the racecourse is a unique experience for thrill-seeking riders! At the foot of the Château de Pompadour, on a 25-hectare racecourse, unforgettable memories and excitement are guaranteed! Before you set off Keeping well hydrated is essential to avoid aches and pains. And don't forget the essentials:...


The abandoned village of Clédat in Corrèze

Audrey shares with us her discovery of one of the most unusual places in Terres de Corrèze: the abandoned village of Clédat. Ever since I moved to the Corrèze, everyone has been talking about Clédat, the famous abandoned village in the heart of the forest... Do you know it? Let me tell you all about it and...


Afternoon sledging in the snow in Corrèze

On a snowy day, Nathalie and her little family improvised a little trip to Bonnefond. She shares her experience with us. Gather your strength! There's no way we're leaving without replenishing our energy! Our cousins from Brive, who were behind the trip, met us at the house, and on the RACLETTE menu we had to...


The Corrèze of the Trois Cafés Gourmands, souvenirs!

It was with the song "A nos souvenirs" that the group won over the whole of France. Sébastien wrote the song over a family meal in 2012. Mylène, Sébastien and Jérémy, the local kids, performed the song live for several years at festivals in the south-west of France. This hymn to...


Correze-style snack at Malauzieux farm

Situated in a fairly remote area of the Corrèze, in the commune of Meilhards, the Malauzieux farm is not reached by chance. It's one of those slightly secret addresses that locals tell their friends about, and that only well-informed tourists can enjoy, but who's at the farm?


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