Uzerche, in the west of the Corrèze, is one of France's "100 Most Beautiful Detours". It boasts incomparable architectural harmony. Within the city walls, you'll find a veritable forest of towers and turrets reaching for the sky, giving rise to the saying A house in Uzerche is like a castle in Limousin.

The droners

Uzerche: The Pearl of the Limousin

A veritable forest of towers and turrets reaching for the sky.



A heritage gem surrounded by the Vézère river

Built at the top of a rocky outcrop surrounded by a meander of the VézèreThe singularity of the site inspired the famous novelist Stendhal, who in 1838 described Uzerche in these terms: " It is one of the most picturesque towns in France and one of the most singularly situated. "

The first inhabitants were the Gauls in the 2nd century BC. The strategic position of the site, overlooking a major road junction, whetted the appetite of many peoples. Plundered and destroyed by the Visigoths in the 6th century, the town was rebuilt in the 7th century with its first fortified walls. In the 8th century, Pepin the Short turned the town into a fortress with royal status. In the 10th century, Uzerche became the seat of a powerful Benedictine abbey, home to around a hundred monks and fifty churches. In 1557, Uzerche was granted the seat of a Royal Seneschaussée. At that time, the nobility of the robe and the bourgeoisie competed in elegance through their architecture. Their chateaux-like residences still form an exceptional architectural ensemble, as the saying goes:

Who has a house in Uzerche has a castle in Limousin

Aerial view of Uzerche surrounded by the Vézère river

Strolling through the Pearl of Limousin

The tour begins with the emblematic Porte BécharieThis is an invitation to enter the corridors of time! Below, the Château Bécharie garden reveals itself like a secret of history. Overlooking the city, the abbey church of Saint Pierre is a major witness to theRomanesque art Limousin. From the top of the town, you can enjoy a wonderful view over the valley of the Vézère and the surrounding hills. 

Benoit Charles

There are three routes through Uzerche to help you appreciate and understand the town:

  • Le Heritage Trailto discover the remarkable monuments of the old town. You can also visit the town through an audio-guided tour.
  • Le The Méandre trailThe route takes in little-travelled paths with unexpected views. This rural ring road offers interesting views of the Pearl of the Limousin and the Vézère valley. A great idea for photographers!
  • Le Simone de Beauvoir trailThe walk, punctuated by panels recounting the life and work of the author, takes visitors through a lush green setting.

On the banks of the river, in a former mill, the Vézère Passion Nature Sports Resort invites you to enjoy a wide range of nature sports: canoeing, kayaking, rafting, stand-up paddling, mountain biking, archery, climbing, hiking...

Tourist Office Terres de Corrèze
Uzerche - La Minoterie base
Tourist Office Terres de Corrèze
Uzerche - Papèterie eco-neighbourhood: fresco by YZ Yseult

On the right bank, there's a change of scenery, as we plunge into an urban and industrial world. L'Papeterie eco-neighbourhood symbolises the rebirth of a brownfield site. The Sophie-Dessus auditorium is the flagship of this exceptional cultural centre. It promotes contemporary artistic creation and offers an eclectic cultural programme. A monumental fresco by the street artist YZ Yseulthypnotises visitors to the Graffitia space entirely dedicated to street art. A ramp installed in the shelter of the Graffeterie allows skateboarders to indulge in the joys of sliding in all weathers.

Local crafts and know-how: Julie the glassblower opens her workshop l'alchimiste uzerche  and Joachim de la Brasserie de la Vézère reveals the stages in the production of its organic beer.

Vézère brewery
Uzerche - Brasserie de La Vézère

How to get here

Ideally situated on the north-south Paris-Toulouse route, Uzerche is 30 minutes from Brive-la-Gaillarde and 40 minutes from Limoges.

By car

Via the A20 motorway: 4h30 from Paris. There are several car parks where you can park your vehicle.

As part of its commitment to sustainable tourism, Uzerche has a number of electric recharging points:

  • Place de la Libération
  • Allée de la Papeterie
  • Chemin des Lèzes
  • Railway station

Plus 2 private kiosks at the Joyet de Maubec hotel and the Intermarché shop.


For motor homes: a service area is available on the Petite Gare website.

By train

Via the Paris-Toulouse line. Uzerche station is 2 km from the town centre.


New cultural season at the Sophie Dessus Auditorium

Located in the heart of the Papeterie eco-neighbourhood in Uzerche, the Sophie-Dessus Auditorium is a live performance venue with 330 seats and exceptional acoustics. With its eclectic programme, the Auditorium aims to arouse the curiosity of the general public and young audiences alike. The 2023/2024 season has been designed with this in mind....


Sport and heritage in Terres de Corrèze


Street art and graffiti in Uzerche


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