As a tourism service provider who owns or manages a furnished tourist accommodation or gîte, you are subject to a number of obligations, and the Tourist Office has a range of tools at your disposal. Not just your obligations, but also your online visibility, the Tourist Office logothèque, newsletters, etc. This page gives you all the information you need about your accommodation.

Tourism Code

Definition under Article L.324-3

Bed and breakfasts are furnished rooms rented by the owner to tourists for one or more nights, with services provided.

GDF 87

Bed and breakfast

Declaration at the Town Hall

For all bed and breakfast activities, you are required to register with the town hall in the commune where the accommodation is located. (Article L.324-4 of the Tourism Code).

This obligation applies to all B&B rentals. Any change in the information provided must be declared again.

To simplify the process, you can download the B&B declaration form (CERFA no. 13566-03), which you can fill in and hand in at the town hall. You will then receive a receipt for the declaration.

Information at the Tourist Office

In order to gain a better understanding of what is on offer in the area and to monitor the tourist tax, we would ask you to send us a copy of your declaration. Thank you.

Classification and labelling

To date, there is no classification for guest rooms.
Certain labels, such as Gîtes de France and Clévacances, can be used to label guest rooms.

The "Terres de Corrèze" charter

In order to compensate for the lack of classification, and to be able to offer visitors a high-quality range of accommodation, the Terres de Corrèze Tourist Office has drawn up a "quality" charter for providers of non-labelled bed and breakfast accommodation in the Terres de Corrèze area or neighbouring communes.

This is a contract between the Tourist Office and the owner, allowing : 

  • the Tourist Office to know and guarantee a certain level of accommodation quality for visitors,
  • the service provider to be listed on the Tourist Office's communication media.

It is based on a grid containing 54 criteria relating to facilities, customer services, accessibility and sustainable development.

Membership of the charter is voluntary for the owner.

This contract is valid for 5 years.

The advantages of the "Terres de Corrèze" Charter

The main advantage is the visibility of your offer on the Tourist Office website and its inclusion in the various documents published by the Tourist Office (practical booklet, list of accommodation on request, etc.).

How to sign up to the Charter

1 - Application to the Tourist Office

You must apply for membership with the "Chambres d'hôtes" representative at the Terres de Corrèze Tourist Office - Lucille Golfier - 05 55 73 15 71 -.  [email protected]

2 - The inspection visit

The consultant will carry out an inspection of your establishment to validate the charter criteria. 

Attention Visits are preferably made in autumn and must be arranged at least 2 months in advance.

3 - Validation of the contract

An internal committee at the Tourist Office will examine the application as soon as possible on the basis of the information provided and observed during the visit.
The contract is then returned to you signed.

Visibility on our website

The Tourist Office's communication policy on our website for bed and breakfast accommodation is that we only advertise accommodation that has been awarded the "Terres de Corrèze" label or complies with the "Terres de Corrèze" charter.

The detailed information sheet for your establishment includes :

  • The name of the establishment, address and contact details (telephone, e-mail, website);
  • Description, maximum capacity and number of rooms, rates and services;
  • One or more photos ;
  • A map shows the location of the accommodation.

Your preferred contact for bed and breakfasts

Bed and breakfast

Lucille Golfier
mail : [email protected]

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