What is tourist tax?

This is a tax voted by local authorities for the whole of their territory, the aim being to get tourists to contribute to local tourism development. (Article L.2333-30 of the Code Général des Collectivités Territoriales).

There are two types of tourist tax, each calculated differently:

  • the actual tourist tax This is paid by the customer to the accommodation provider, who passes it on to the management company; the amount corresponds exactly to the number of visitors,
  • the flat-rate tourist tax This is a flat-rate charge, whether or not the property has been rented.

How does the tourist tax service work?

Since 2021, the 3 communities of communes of the Pays d'Uzerche, Lubersac-Pompadour and Vézère Monédières Millesources have set up online tax declaration sites. These allow you to make your declarations directly online.

The tourist tax is monitored and managed by administrators appointed by the communities of communes. They are your point of contact for all questions relating to the tourist tax.

To contact them

Valérie Bourliataud Stéphanie Rougerie

Tourist tax department

10 place de la Libération - 19140 Uzerche

🕾 05 55 73 15 71

📧 [email protected]

Although the contact details are the same as those at the Tourist Office, the stage managers are the key contacts for ALL the region's accommodation providers on behalf of the Communauté de Communes.

The tourist tax is managed independently of the Tourist Office.

All the information on the Tourist Tax 

On the "Operation and rates" page, you'll find general information about tourist tax: Who pays? What rates apply? How is it calculated? How do the platforms work?

Frequently asked questions

I've lost my access code. What should I do?

Please do not create a new account!

Contact the Tourist Tax Department at the following address [email protected] or call 05 55 73 15 71

I can't make my declarations online on the platform!

If you are unable to log on to your personal space or are having problems registering your returns, please contact the Tourist Tax Department at the following address [email protected] or call 05 55 73 15 71

I don't understand how tourist tax works!

In this Pro area and on the online platforms, you will find a wealth of information on the tourist tax: deliberations, reference texts, accommodation guide, explanatory leaflet and memo, landlord's register, frequently asked questions, calculator, etc.

Still haven't found the answers to your questions? You can contact the Tourist Tax Department at the following address [email protected] or call 05 55 73 15 71.

How much tourist tax should I charge my customers?

Do you need to determine how much tourist tax you should charge your customers?

Whether your accommodation is classified or not, you can use the calculator on the declaration websites.

Online booking platforms ask me for a "registration number"!

Platforms such as AirBnB, Abritel, etc. regularly ask for a 13-digit registration number to complete/validate your registration. This number has been set up in towns and cities in so-called "high pressure" areas (Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice, Paris, etc.) to regulate seasonal lettings.

None of the 44 municipalities in the area has set up this registration number.

You can therefore tell the platforms by sending a message/email that "your commune is not subject to the registration number". If necessary, you can also provide the contact details of the Tourist Tax Department.

I've opened a bed and breakfast. What formalities do I need to complete?

You must make a declaration to the Mairie before letting your property, using the CERFA form:


I'm stopping my hosting business. What do I need to do?

You must inform the Tourist Tax Department :

  • if you are no longer renting the accommodation but are keeping it for your own use, you must submit a certificate of honour,
  • if you are selling your accommodation, you must submit a certificate of sale to close the account.

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