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Cultural 24 March 2024

Auditorium Sophie Dessus: Hour of the Assassins

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Le sunday 24 March à 16h00 19140 UZERCHE



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Theatre. Compagnie Le Renard Argenté.
In the heart of London at the beginning of the 20th century, high society throngs the theatre for the traditional New Year's Eve performance of Peter Pan. At the top of the building, a select few guests are enjoying the private rooms of the owner, the tycoon Richard Somerset, when the doorbell rings. That's when the alarm goes off: Somerset is lying on his balcony.
As the echoes of the show below reverberate through the air vents and the snow begins to cover the London night, the evening's festivities take on a whole new tone. Laughter, fear and investigation mingle until, in the distance, Big Ben rings out the hour of the killers...
Open to the general public - duration: 1hr30 - non season ticket price.

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