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Entertainment and local festivities 10 October 2023

The Tuesday Ball

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Le tuesday 10 October à 14h30 Salle polyvalente, 19140 UZERCHE


Multi-purpose hall

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Bal du Mardi for all generations, 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.
Ball on 13 June hosted by Pascal Terrible, Ball on 27 June hosted by Alexis Musette, Ball on 11 July hosted by Bernard Rual, Ball on 25 July hosted by Nicole Bergès, Ball on 8 August hosted by Philippe Rodrigues, Ball on 22 August hosted by Jean-Marc Delorme, Ball on 12 September hosted by Julien Proulhac, Ball on 26 September hosted by Fabien Pérez, Ball on 10 October hosted by Bernard Rual, Ball on 24 October hosted by Matthieu Martinie, Ball on 14 November hosted by Jean-Pierre Roy, Ball on 28 November hosted by Alexis Musette, Ball on 12 December hosted by Sandrine Tarayre and Fabien.
From 2.30pm to 7pm - price: €12 admission, including one drink.
Accessible to people with reduced mobility.
Information on 06 16 04 14 76.

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