If you love old stones, villages and arts and crafts, these heritage tours are for you!

Uzerche, the pearl of the Limousin

Nicknamed "the pearl of the Limousin" since the 18th century, Uzerche is still one of France's heritage treasures. Built at the top of a rocky outcrop, surrounded by a meander of the Vézère river which it dominates, Uzerche boasts an exceptionally rich heritage.

5.50 per person

All year round ⏱1h to 1h30


Château de Pompadour and the Orangerie stables

Discover the history of the Château de Pompadour from Gui de Lastours to the present day, via Louis XV and his favourite, who changed the life of the Marquisat de Pompadour forever. In the stables, you will meet the horses of the stud farm and the presidential horses.

8€ per person

From March to October ⏱1h30

Bruno Férignac

Treignac, a town of character in the Land of Millesources

Let yourself be guided through the narrow streets, between the remains of fortifications, the river and listed buildings, and you'll travel back to distant times: from the Celtic origins of the village to the powerful lords of Comborn and Pompadour ...

5.50 per person

All year round ⏱ 1h to 1h30

The Uzerche paper mill, a place for cultural expression

The industrial history of the Uzerche paper mill lasted from the second half of the 19th century until 2006, but the adventure didn't end with the closure of the factory. Discover the history of this site.

4.50 per person

All year round ⏱ 1h

landscape archaeology

Street art and graffiti in Uzerche

La Graffeterie, an unexpected place in a medieval town. Following in the footsteps of prehistoric man at Lascaux, it's now the turn of graffiti artists to adorn the walls of Uzerche's old paper mill. The Vézère has always been a source of inspiration!

5.50 per person

All year round ⏱ 1h to 1h30


The Saint-Blaise Chapel, the chapel of the Haras officers

Built at the very beginning of the 16th century by Geoffroy de Pompadour, bishop of Le Puy, the Saint Blaise chapel houses a monumental 300m2 painting created by André Brasilier at the beginning of the 21st century.

3 per person

From March to October ⏱ 45 minutes

Malika Turin

Le Puy Marmont, from chateau kitchen garden to equestrian stadium

Originally the château's kitchen garden, then a stallion depot, the Puy Marmont is now, along with the racecourse, the equestrian stadium of the Haras de Pompadour.

Discover the world of equestrian competitions and the different events held at the equestrian stadium.

6 per person

From March to October ⏱ 30 minutes

Equestrian activities, meeting with an artist - Pompadour Corrèze
Louise Pénicaud

Equestrian entertainment

Go behind the scenes of equestrian shows and cabarets and meet the artists and their horses, who will reveal the secrets of their art. From discovering each other to achieving excellence, thanks to trust and strong bonds.

8€ per person

From May to the end of August ⏱ 30 minutes

Bernard Treuil

The racecourse, a mecca for equestrian activities

Meet jockeys and horses, as well as professionals from the world of horseracing. Get up close to the obstacles and learn all the tricks of the trade.

5 per person

Throughout the year ⏱ 1h30

* 6 on race days because you also get a betting slip.


The alchemist, the glassblower

Julie, a glassblower in Uzerche, invites you to discover her craft with a guided demonstration.
She will create several pieces in front of you and show you the different blowing techniques.

6 per person

Wednesday to Saturday

February to November ⏱ 1h to 1h30

15 people maximum per visit, 2 groups possible

Bruno Férignac

Treignac, along the Vézère river

Step back in time and travel along the Vézère to discover the history of this medieval town nestling in one of the river's meanders and its economic heritage from the Middle Ages to the present day.

5.50 per person

All year round ⏱ 1h30

Malika Turin

Treignac, at your fingertips

Accompanied by your guide, you'll be able to use all your senses - touch, hearing and smell - on a tour packed with emotions and sensations!

Discover Treignac from a different angle.

5.50 per person

All year round ⏱ 1h30 to 2h

20 people maximum

Malika Turin

Lestards, a thatched church

The church at Lestards is famous for its thatched roof unique in France !

Its lesser-known history is nonetheless rich and unusual.

5.50 per person

All year round ⏱ 45 minutes


Benoit Charles

Clédat, the rebirth of old stones

Set in a rocky chaos, the village of Clédat was abandoned in the 1960s. An association of history and old stone enthusiasts has brought the village back from the brink. Discover this magical place steeped in history, now enjoying a second lease of life.

2 per person

April to October ⏱ 1h30 to 2h

Inaccessible for buses

30 people maximum


Laurence Léonard

The House of Trees and Nature

A genuine eco-museum based around the forest and its inhabitants, the tour focuses on the environment, old trades and cider-making.

6 per person

April to October ⏱ 1h to 1h30




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