Take part in an educational adventure in the Terres de Corrèze, where history, art, gastronomy and culture come to life under the guidance of our passionate guides. Each visit is carefully crafted to fit with school curricula, offering a unique and enriching extension to the classroom.

Benoit Charles

Street art and graffiti in Uzerche

La Graffeterie, an unexpected place in a medieval town. Following in the footsteps of prehistoric man at Lascaux, it's now the turn of graffiti artists to adorn the walls of Uzerche's old paper mill.

4.50 per child

All year round ⏱ 1h

CYCLES : 1 -2 - 3 - 4 - Lycée



The Uzerche paper mill, a place for cultural expression

The industrial history of the Uzerche paper mill lasted from the second half of the 19th century until 2006, but the adventure continues despite the closure of the factory. Discover the history of this site.

4.50 per child

All year round ⏱ 1h

CYCLES : 2 - 3 - 4 - Lycée

Laurence Léonard

The House of Trees and Nature

A genuine eco-museum based around the forest and its inhabitants, the tour focuses on the environment, old trades and cider-making.

6 per child

April to October ⏱ 1h to 1h30

CYCLES : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Lycée





Château de Pompadour and the Orangerie stables

Discover the history of the Château de Pompadour from Gui de Lastours to the present day, via Louis XV and his favourite, who changed the life of the Marquisat de Pompadour forever. In the stables, you will meet the horses of the stud farm and the presidential horses.

6 per child 

From mid-February to mid-November ⏱1h30

CYCLES : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Lycée

Cris Bastiane

Visit to the Pompadour racecourse

Discover the history of this exceptional site, the world of racing, the grounds and the horses. 

An educational booklet will be provided for children during the visit.

3 per child

All year round, ideally on race days (July/August) ⏱ 1h30

CYCLES: 2 - 3



Flowers, bees and honey

Discover the world of bees. Colette will take you through the different stages in the life of a colony and tell you all about their usefulness and predators.
Honey tasting at the end of the visit.

3 per child

From 15 April to 31 October ⏱1h30

20 people maximum

CYCLES: 3 - 4 - Lycée


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