Benoit Charles

Fill up on nature!
Green escapes to discover the secrets of our country, observe the flora and fauna, and experience a pleasant sense of tranquillity and well-being.

Follow your common sense!

Bring suitable footwear and clothing, water and a walking stick.

Stay on the marked routes. Respect private property. Close fences.

Respect crops and animals. Take your rubbish with you. Don't make a fire.

Leave only your footprints. You love nature, respect it!

They are beautiful BUT they work!

They look beautiful and proud in the middle of the pastures and we'd love to give them a cuddle... They're sheepdogs.

But beware! Although they often have a reputation for being very affectionate, they are very keen to do their job well! They watch over the herd with a keen, vigilant eye and protect it from all predators!

Admire them from afar and don't get too close so they don't think you're a threat!

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