Set off on a fantastic ride in the heart of nature, learn to ride at your own pace, discover western riding, try archery on horseback... The Terres de Corrèze region has a number of riding centres offering a variety of disciplines to suit all horse lovers and enthusiasts.

Benoit Charles

Learn to listen to what your horse is whispering in your ear.

Caroline Poulain : A different kind of horse

Renan Equestrian Farm

Le Petit Canada

Relais Al Garamaze

Les Ecuries du Mas

LG riding

Desjeux Stables

Bois Vieux Equestrian Farm

Les Ecuries des Colombes

Lauzerat Ranch

We're talking about horses...

Sport and heritage in Terres de Corrèze

What a pleasure it is to discover the Terres de Corrèze through a sporting activity. I've selected a number of activities to help you combine sport and heritage discovery.


Visit to the Pompadour National Stud Mare Farm


Meet equestrian artists Christophe and Max Hasta Luego


Jockey for a day at Pompadour


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