Tèrra Aventura is a treasure hunt that combines walks and discoveries of heritage treasures. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, a stroller, an adventurer or have children, the Poïz', little characters with a strong character, will guide you along the paths of the Terres de Corrèze. This 100% free outdoor activity is available all year round.
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There are more than 600 unusual and fun routes, ranging from 3 to 14 km, to discover throughout the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

9 Terra Aventura courses await you in Terres de Corrèze 

It's up to you!

Terra Aventura Treignac


Treignac, a thousand resources

Zéchopp is a very persuasive merchant! He's used to pacing the streets and lanes of Treignac to sell his wares to the locals, and the Petite Cité de Caractère holds no secrets for him!

Follow him on this 3km walk to discover Treignac, a town full of resources.


Terra Aventura Uzerche


Medieval Quêtuzerche

Zéroïk is very curious and passionate about medieval history. He'll take you through some little-known passages to discover the Pearl of the Limousin, Uzerche!

Follow it on this 3km walk to discover Uzerche, a city steeped in history.

Terra Aventura Pompadour


Pompadour is my passion

Gallop away with Zahan in Pompadour, the city of horses.

2.5 km

Célia Brisset

The little extra!

Make this journey a competition day (race or show jumping) offers the chance to admire many horses.


Attention Part of the circuit is not accessible on dressage competition days.

Terra Aventura Chamberet


Panic in the arboretum - Chamberet

Visit Zouch in this charming arboretum park, where you'll come across a few animals from time to time!

2.5 km

Terra Aventura Vigeois


Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? - Vigeois

... it certainly isn't Zenight! Follow Zenight's trail around Lake Poncharal and watch out for the witch!

2.5 km

Terra Aventura Road Trip


The Mille Bornes plateau

The one and only Ziraider takes you on a tour of the Monédières massif and the Plateau de Millevaches, a change of scenery guaranteed!

76 km

Terra Aventura

Join Agnes on the only Terra Aventura road trip

Agnes, a Terra Aventura enthusiast, shares her experience with you his experience on the "plateau des 1000 bornes" circuit.

Terra Aventura Espartignac


All aboard! - Espartignac

Ziclou We're looking for pedal-powered cyclists for all kinds of deliveries! Beginners welcome...

Terra Aventura Meilhards


Oh dear!

In Meilhards, Zirrinzi the shepherd has started breeding Limousin cows. This breed has a strong character, and is less docile than Basque sheep, which will give him a run for his money.

Terra Aventura Tarnac


Tarnac, a small page in history

In Tarnac, Zabeth We'll accompany you between the pond and the heart of this typical village in the Haute Corrèze.

3 km

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