Looking for a refreshing break? In the Terres de Corrèze region, you'll find some wild and often little-known waterfalls. In the heart of a forest or at the end of a bucolic path, nature-lovers will appreciate these refreshing and rejuvenating places.


Chalard waterfalls

Terotres de Corrèze
Chalard waterfalls

Water is everywhere in the commune, both above and below ground. Three rivers cross it: the Soudaine from north to south, the Combade to the north and the Bradascou to the west. They are fed by numerous streams and brooks. A large water table supplies the many wells in the villages and market town, including that of the old fortified castle at the highest point of the village, as well as the one that used to gush out at the top of Mont Ceix at an altitude of 730 metres.
Two beautiful waterfalls offer their white waters to fario trout fishermen. The one at the Fontevialle mill on the Soudaine and the one at Chalard on the Ruisseau de Ceux, which has recently been developed. Both are easily accessible.
Access: Once you have parked next to the bridge, a 1.2km (A+R) footpath through the undergrowth will take you to the waterfalls.


Le saut de la Virole

Benoit Charles
Saut de la Virole

From its source, some thirty kilometres away, and after criss-crossing the peat bogs of the Plateau de Millevaches, the Vézère makes its way through the granite boulders before plummeting several metres to form this charming waterfall: the Saut de la Virole.
Access is via the hamlet of Coissac in the commune of Lestards, where a path leads to a narrow path that plunges down towards the waterfall.

Saut de la Virole hike

This 3.8 km circuit leads to the waterfall.

Along the way, you'll enjoy breathtaking views of the Viam-Lestards national forest and the ruins of an old mill.

Benoit Charles


The Tine waterfall

Benoit Charles
Cascade de la Tine

"La Cascade de la Tine, toute une vie autour de l'eau" (The Tine waterfall, a whole life around water) is a path designed and interpreted around the theme of water, leading to a small waterfall named after a certain Martine...
The lord of Vernéjoux had fallen under the spell of this young girl, who used to live by the water, but had finally chosen a modest carpenter. The lord, mad with jealousy, immediately conspired with the devil. And one day Martine slipped on the wet rocks and drowned in the Tine waterfall!
Free access, interpreted and signposted route - starting from the town hall, 5 km hike (guide available from the tourist office).

Hiking to the Tine waterfall

A 5.2km interpretation trail takes you along forest tracks or along the banks of the river, where you can learn about past and present uses of water from information panels.

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The Bialet waterfalls

Benoit Charles
Bialet waterfall

To the south of the commune of Saint Ybard, this is a natural spot where you can relax and enjoy a picnic. From the car park, take the left-hand path down the log bridges and steps. This is also the starting point for a 7km hike that takes in the old forges and the famous Gour Noir viaduct. Free admission.

From Bialet to the 2 viaducts

Starting from the waterfalls, take this 7km trail along the banks of the Vézère.
Along the way, discover the remains of a forge, the Gour Noir viaduct and the A20 viaduct.

Benoit Charles

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