Looking for something original and exceptional?
Floating accommodation, fairy huts on the edge of the forest, nomadic gypsy caravans and yurts, and even the enchanting world of Harry Potter!
Our Corrèze lands are rather surprising, aren't they? So don't wait any longer to try out these magical places and spend some unforgettable nights!

Unique in Corrèze...


Le Relais des Sorciers

Le Relais des Sorciers - Espartignac - Corrèze

Welcome to the world of Harry Potter!

Decorated from floor to ceiling in the image of the magical world of the wizard with the round glasses, you can enjoy a stay with family or friends in search of the hundreds of details that make up the décor of this rental.

You can sleep in a room inspired by your favourite house:

"Gryffindor', 'Hufflepuff', 'Slytherin' or 'Slytherin'.

Don't know which house you live in? The Magic Hat will give you the answer...

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The Equi-lodge: sleep with the horses!

The warm, wet breath of steeds to lull your nights to sleep and your dreams of riding!

Equi lodge -Pompadour - Corrèze - Unusual accommodation
Caroline Poulain

Sleep under the benevolent eye of the horses

Dreaming, breathing, almost communing with the horses while you sleep, that's the UNIQUE experience you can have in this atypical accommodation, ideal for reconnecting!

In the shelter of an authentic barn, simply enjoy this timeless moment ...

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All our unusual accommodation

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Wellness break in Terres de Corrèze

Envie de vous évader, de rompre avec la routine ou d’échapper au tumulte de la vie citadine ? Nous avons sélectionné pour vous des hébergements bien-être pour profiter d’une bulle de détente en Terres de Corrèze. Reconnexion avec la nature Idéalement situées et facilement accessibles, les Terres de Corrèze bénéficient d’un cadre idyllique pour s’offrir…


The magical world of Relais des Sorciers


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