Keep and share with your loved ones eternal memories of the most beautiful day of your life with our "photo tips"!

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An exceptional setting for your photos

Make your wedding photos a "Royal" souvenir!

To take your photos on the terraces of the Château de Pompadour, contact 05 55 98 99 27
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Laurence Léonard

Terraces of the Château de Pompadour

Hire a photobooth

It's the ultra-trendy photo event! No more taking selfies on your own - get your family and friends together at the Photobooth, a fun and simple photo booth!

Any ideas?

During your party, play "the pairing game": each guest draws the name of another guest and has to find that person during the evening. They can then go to the photobooth to keep this souvenir...
What better way to break the ice and give your family and friends a chance to get to know each other!

Photobooth hire for private or business events
Cris Bastiane – 07 84 43 33 83 –

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