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Every year, in mid-August, the little village of Concèze lives for a week to the rhythm of Dec'Ouvrir. The festival was founded by Mathias Vincennot, poet and Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. Around sixty artists (poets, musicians, actors, etc.) take to the stage one after the other, much to the delight of the public.

David Desreumaux

Launch of the festival in Pompadour

Ines Desorages, Garance and Margaux Guilleton

A festival for all generations and styles

At Concèze, all styles, all generations and all worlds come together. Alongside established artists, there's plenty of room for young hopefuls. All they have in common is their talent, their love of their art and their enthusiasm.
Since it was founded in 2003, the festival has welcomed such well-known names from the world of show business as Au P'tit Bonheur, Guy Carlier, Jil Caplan and Julie Zenatti, as well as newcomers such as Émilie Marsh, Clio and Pomme: Émilie Marsh, Clio, Pomme...
It brings together poets of all generations, artists from abroad and from the Limousin region.
As well as meeting the public, the Festival is an amazing place for artists to come together.

A friendly festival accessible to all

The festival also stands out for its conviviality and its openness to all audiences. Entrance is free, and at the end of each evening a "pot de l'amitié" is offered to allow exchanges between the public and the artists.
The volunteers associated with the festival are in constant contact with the artists, taking part in the life of the festival and sharing the convivial moments.
The evenings take place in a ground-level venue, accessible to people with disabilities.
For several years now, the festival has been launched on the terraces of the Château de Pompadour. For one or more evenings, Dec'Ouvrir travels outside the village of Concèze, notably to Lubersac and Tulle.

A Festival that promotes and protects heritage and the environment

  • The heritage of Concèze, the hiking trails and the nearby lakes are all great ways to discover the region,
  • Waste is collected and sorted,
  • The artists' meals are prepared by a local chef using only local produce from local suppliers,
  • Most artists come by train,
  • More and more people are carpooling,
  • The festival promotes local artists and technicians.
Matthias Vincenot
Julie Biet

Focus on Matthias Vincenot

Born in 1981, Doctor of Letters, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, he is the author of seventeen collections and is featured in numerous anthologies. Some of his poems have been set to music and sung, while others have been translated.

President of the Sorbonne Poésie et Chanson association and the DécOUVRIR Festival in Concèze, Corrèze, he is also artistic director of Poésie en liberté, an international French-language competition for 15-25 year-olds.

He writes the column "Le mot et la note" in the magazine FrancoFans (which gave rise to the book Chronicles of the timespublished in 2021 by Editions de Passy with a foreword by Jean-Pierre Jouyet, and which brings together those published between 2015 and 2020) and published in 2017 by Editions Fortuna, Poetry and song, stop the preconceptions! (100 pages to set the record straight).

His most recent collection, A temporary eternityAn anthology of his poems published between 1998 and 2021, Ce n'est qu'une histoire de minutes et de vent, will be published by Unicité in 2022.

He produced the anthologye What weather ! 67 contemporary poets write about the climatepublished by Unicité in June 2023, with a preface by Louis Bodin and an afterword by Noël Mamère.

He is also the director of a collection: "Voix d'aujourd'hui" published by D'Ici et D'Ailleurs, "Poésie en poche" and "Poésie et chanson (presque) en poche" published by Mont-Ailé, where he brought out Marcel Amont's book Mirlitontaines and forgotten songs, rarities and previously unreleased materialwith drawings by the author.

A member of the Académie Charles Cros, he is also co-founder and co-director of the Prix Georges Moustaki. He also teaches French civilisation at the Sorbonne.

In 2021, in partnership with the Mairie du 15ème arrondissement de Paris, he created the Léon-Paul Fargue poetry prize (both a literary prize and an acting prize). In 2023, he was appointed artistic director of the Salon du livre et de la gastronomie de Morangis, organised by the town in partnership with the Ordre Culinaire International.

The 2023 edition:

Another rich and varied edition for 2023 with many artists:

Patrick Chesnais, Romain Didier, Nelson Monfort, Ines Desorages, Gérard Klein, Louise-Ellie, Enzo (The Voice Kids), Antoine Coesens, Garance and many more...

Programme of the Festival Dec'Ouvrir - Concèze - Corrèze

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