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The most important equestrian event in Pompadour! The Grande Semaine is a must for owners, breeders and riders. Every year, after working hard all season, they come together with a single goal in mind: to win the title of champion of their generation.
The competition features nationally renowned riders, some of whom have been selected for the Olympic Games. Around 600 horses share the "Cité du Cheval" between the equestrian stadium and the racecourse.

Louise Pénicaud

Pompadour, equestrian capital

La Grande Semaine, in the city of the horse, is the national and international meeting place for the equestrian sports world and breeders.

La Grande Semaine is five days of competitions !

You can attend National Finals of the Société Hippique Française in Eventing for young horses aged 4 to 6 as well as for International Anglo-Arabic Days organised by the Association Nationale de l'Anglo-Arabe.

National Finals of the Société Hippique Française de Concours Complet

To take part in the World Young Horse Championships at Le Lion d'Angers, each future top-level horse must pass the Grande Semaine test.

The Grande Semaine de Pompadour also hosts the CIC* Young Horses for 6-year-olds, giving foreign riders the chance to test themselves against the French elite.

It's not unusual to come across Olympic riders during the Grande Semaine.

*CIC* 1-star International Combined Event. There are several levels of increasing difficulty in the Eventing competition. The Concours Complet International is divided into two types of event: the CCI, or Concours Complet International, and the CIC, or Concours International Combiné. The former represent the highest possible level, while the latter are similar to major national events open to other equestrian federations.

Show Jumping Competition - Puy Marmont - Arnac-Pompadour - Haras national de Pompadour - Corrèze
Malika Turin
Cross on Hippodrome Pompadour
Manon Cousty

Spotlight on Eventing

This is an Olympic discipline comprising 3 events: dressage, cross-country and show-jumping. It's a bit like a triathlon for riders and their mounts. Pompadour is the stronghold of Eventing in France, thanks in particular to its racecourse. It is home to one of the most famous cross-country courses in France. It is renowned for being one of the most difficult, but also one of the most beautiful, with the Château de Pompadour as its backdrop. The dressage and show-jumping events take place at the Puy-Marmont equestrian stadium.


Good to know: The French Eventing team (Astier Nicolas, Thibaut Vallette, Karim Laghouag and Mathieu Lemoine) won the Gold Medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

International Anglo-Arabic Days

As the birthplace of the Anglo-Arab breed, Pompadour also hosts the International Anglo-Arab Days during the Grande Semaine.
3 days are devoted to the breed at the Haras National de Pompadour, which hosts the French Anglo-Arab Championship.

Several events take place over the 3 days:

  • Patterns, free jumping and paces for 2- and 3-year-old horses. For the model tests, the criteria assessed relate to the construction of the horse, its limbs, as well as the overall impression, harmony of the model and conformity in relation to the breed standard and the chic (eye, fabric, head) that it exudes. For free jumping, the horse is judged on its jumping ability. The test takes place on a circle made up of obstacles that the horse has to jump over. The horse jumps freely, without being held or pulled. Finally, the gait test enables the horse to be assessed in movement and to judge the quality of its locomotion in the three gaits: walk, trot and canter.
  • Foals and brood mares A foal is a foal of the year. A followed brood mare is a young mother followed by her foal.
  • Labelling of future breeding stock: To be officially authorised to reproduce and qualify as a stallion, a young horse must undergo labellisation. In other words, he is judged against the criteria of his breed to see if, by breeding, he will be able to perpetuate these criteria and ensure that the excellence of his breed prospers. Not all the stallions you will see are stallions.
Broodmare and her foal - Grande Semaine de Pompadour - Anglo-Arabian Days - Puy Marmont - Arnac-Pompadour - Haras national de Pompadour - Corrèze
Lucille Golfier
Malika Turin

Focus on Anglo-Arabs

The birth of this breed dates back to the middle of the 19th century under the impetus of 3 successive directors at the Haras de Pompadour: Messieurs de Bonneval, de Lespinats and Gayot. It is a cross between the English and Arab Thoroughbred. From the latter, he gets his lightness, endurance and elegance, and from the English, his size, power and speed. This highly versatile breed was created for the needs of the army. Today, it is appreciated as much for racing as for sport (especially Eventing).


Good to know: Near Pompadour you will find The Domaine de Chignac This is the only National Mare Farm. It is home to the National Stud's Anglo-Arab breeding operation.

To attend the tests :

The Grande Semaine is for beginners too!
During these five days, enjoy a good time on the racecourse to admire the horses and their riders up close to the obstacles. Head to the Puy Marmont equestrian stadium for the dressage, show jumping, model and paces and foal and broodmare events.
Entry to the competition is free, so make the most of it!

Find out more about the programme:

Other major weeks in France

Organised by the Société Hippiques Française, there are 6 of them in France:

The big race weeks
  • Sologn'Pony Fontainebleau: National finals for young show jumping ponies
  • Grande Semaine de Fontainebleau National Finals for Young Sport Horses in Show Jumping, Hunter and Dressage, and the French Show Jumping Championship for 7-year-old horses,
  • Grande Semaine de Pompadour National Finals for Young Sport Horses and Ponies in CCE, International Anglo-Arabian Days
  • Lamotte-Beuvron Big Week National Driving Finals for Young Horses and Ponies, Irish Cob and Shetland Nationals
  • Grande Semaine d'Uzès National Finals for Young Endurance Horses.

For further information:

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  • Pompadour Visitor Centre: Le château (right tower) 19230 Arnac-Pompadour - 05 55 98 55 47
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