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For one weekend, Pompadour la Cité du Cheval becomes the City of Greyhounds. Breeders, dog enthusiasts and the simply curious will all meet up to discuss the greyhound species, which is made up of around twenty breeds. The event combines a show of beauty with a sporting trail on the racecourse.

Irmina Serafin

The city of greyhounds!

Over the course of a weekend, the finest specimens put on a show in the Cité du Cheval.

Created more than 5,000 years ago, the greyhound is considered to be the first type of specialised dog obtained by man; it was used for hunting thanks to its speed and courage. Nowadays, these qualities can be found in sight chasing, where they can be appreciated in their flying gallops, where they are suspended in mid-air for a time.

The most feline of canids

They have a slender, muscular build with a deep chest, similar to that of felines such as the cheetah. They are excellent companion dogs, very attached to their masters but aloof towards strangers.

Irmina Serafin

The different breeds of sighthound :

  • l'Azawakh : A medium-sized greyhound native to Mali,
  • the Borzoi  A large sighthound native to Russia,
  • Le Chart Polski A large greyhound native to Poland,
  • Le Deerhound A large greyhound native to Great Britain,
  • Le GalgoA large sighthound native to Spain,
  • Le Greyhound Great greyhounds from Great Britain,
  • l' Irish Wolfhound Originally from Ireland, this is the largest of the greyhounds,
  • Le Afghan greyhound A large greyhound native to Afghanistan,
  • Le Magyar AgarA large greyhound originally from Hungary,
  • Le Italian Greyhound Originally from Italy, this is the smallest of the greyhounds,
  • Le Saluki Medium-sized sighthound from the Middle East,
  • Le Sloughi A large sighthound native to North Africa,
  • Le Whippet a small greyhound native to Great Britain


There are other related but rarer breeds such as the Pharaoh Hound or Portuguese Podengo.

Gathering at Pompadour

Every year in September, over the course of a weekend, the horses give way to greyhounds to put on a show.
Lovers of these canines will find themselves in an exceptional setting!

  • Saturday: at the Puy-Marmont equestrian stadium, the greyhounds dress up for the dog beauty show.
  • On Sunday: the French Championship in Le Poursuite Vue sur Leurre, in the enchanting setting of the Pompadour racecourse!
Sighthounds - podium - Arnac-Pompadour - Haras national de Pompadour - Corrèze
Irmina Serafin

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